Need a Simple Easy image editor? Why not try Colorcinch.

Nowadays, when we need to edit photos or get images to edit and design or even just play around with, everyone says to use Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Photoshop Express and so on. However, those applications can sometimes push you out of your comfort zone, and you still want to improve or enhance your pictures a little, so what do we do? So why not give Colorcinch a shot?

Colorcinch provides free picture editing on online and desktop platforms. This cool web-based programme is loaded with clever filters and tools for editing and decorating your images. Far from being the standard stripped-down picture editor that it generally releases on the market, Colorcinch has a lot of features, most of them aimed at people who don’t know or are not professional designers with simple but clever filters and 2.5 million stock photos that are you can use online.

The catch? You need to pay if you want to use many of its best features which is understandable, however for $3.99pm (annually) we would say that this is a good deal, Colorcinch includes several features, the most of which are geared for those who don’t know or aren’t expert designers, such as basic yet smart filters and 2.5 million stock photographs that you may use online.

Colorcinch does have its little niggles for example when using your photos (especially high-quality photos) the application crashes and you can’t edit the image anymore losing all your editing progress on that image, every time you load a new image or filter or try do anything you have to wait for a long-enduring time which can become rather irritating after a while especially if your paying for Colorcinch. Sometimes it glitches the image to plain white and you can’t do anything about it unless you start again however these are small issues that can be covered and sorted out hopefully in the future by Colorcinch.

Who is Colorcinch aimed for? We would say it’s aimed at those who don’t know a large amount about Designs, the art of image editing. Colorcinch is perfect for those who are getting started and with its simple easy layout and on their website ( they present to you a large amount of learning material for you to look at and learn from which is useful for a new designer or anyone willing to learn and with multiple features such as freehand drawing, Crop & resize, Exposure, Sharpen & blur and much more. Yes, this isn’t the best photo editor like Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Lightroom however this is a very good starter application if you are new to the world of editing.

With Colorcinch. you can edit and make some rather impressive designs and art with hardly any effort put into it, as it’s all just filters, for example down here are three examples of what can be done with Colorcinch, all images come from the stock images provided by Colorcinch.




Interested in joining Colourcinch? Here is a link to sign up for free – thank you for reading.

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