CS Alpaca

CS ALPACAS is a small alpaca business situated in the hamlet of Yeat Wood, Wotton Underwood, between Waddesdon and Bicester, on the Buckinghamshire, Oxfordshire border. CS ALPACAS was established in 2008.

We worked with CS ALPACAS to create a huge, multi-page website that showcases the company story, news, products, company portfolio, Contact Form, feedback website, and even social media widgets that show the user alternate locations that they can find the business.

Website Information


Website Package: Custom Package

URL: csalpacas.co.uk

Contact Details

Phone numbers are ideal for direct contact to a business, for CS Alpaca, we placed the contact numbers in the header of the website and in a large font to make it very prominent to the user.

Company Portfolio

Portfolios are perfect for the visual aspect of the business. CS Alpacas is a business that specializes in the training and sales of alpacas, so we created a portfolio for them that showcased their company.

Website Design

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