Epoxy Resin Distribution Company Website

Website Information

Buyer: UK Marine Resins Ltd

Website Package: Custom website package

URL: http://ukmarineresins.co.uk

UK Marine Resins Ltd specializes in the distributor of Epoxy Resin machinery grouts and repair compound.

Website designed and built to showcase the resin products and spec sheets. For this customer, we were asked to handle the updates as a managed service which we have done for the last 3 years.

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UK Marine Resins Ltd manufactures and distributes Resin called Chockfast Black which will come with instructions. Potential customers will want to ask questions before purchasing the service, so we added an FAQ section so customers can see the answer to their question before they even ask it. The most common questions are placed on the FAQ section as a way to be efficient.

Quick Contact

People need to contact UK Marine Resins Ltd in order to obtain a no-obligation quote, so we integrated an efficient solution, Quick Contact, where users can scroll down to the website footer and enter in their name, email, message and hit send, without even navigating off of the page.

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