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Buyer: Jeanette Rawson

Website Package: Multi-page website


Jeanette Rawson is a designer florist and designs styles for show flats, launches, events, and even interiors. Jeanette Rawson offers a service that delivers professional results.

The perfect way to showcase her business was to create an online presence and that is exactly what we did at Solent Way Webdesign. We created a multi-page website that showcases the entire business and with our great SEO, Jeanette Rawson is always pushed to the top of search results.

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Personalised Footer

The footer is where all of the important stuff goes, and it is the storage standard for contact details and social media widgets, and this is no exception. We have customized the footer to fit the style of Jeanette Rawson and we continue this throughout our work for other clients.

Company Portfolio

Portfolios are perfect for the visual aspect of the business. Jeanette Rawson’s business is solely based on presentation, but without a website, you can’t appreciate the beauty. We integrated a portfolio that Jeanette Rawson can add her photos too and show off her wonderful creations.

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