Horizon Portfolios

We worked with Horizon Portfolios to create a stylish, informative website. This website consists of five main pages that all contain sub-pages in their dropdowns, and it is constantly evolving, with new information being added all the time.

Website Information

Buyer: Horizon Portfolios

Website Package: Custom package

URL: https://horizon-portfolios.com

Cookie Aware Pop-up Form

To save the user hassle and having to fill in a form every time they click on a page, we coded a pop-up form that allows the user to say ‘What type of Investor’ they are, and then once they submit the form a cookie is created and assigned to them, and anyone who has that cookie will not see the pop-up again (unless the cookie disappears).

News Feed

Keep updated with the news on the Horizon Portfolios website. With a sleek layout and perfect colour contrast, people can enjoy a user-friendly news read.

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