Wendover News

Wendover News is a local news company that’ displays news from Wendover. Wendover posts events, local news, and advertises local businesses online. Employers can use this website to advertise their businesses and attract more customers than before.

Wendover News was founded in 1989 to serve Wendover. We worked with Wendover News to create an online presence in order to extend their content to a much wider audience.

Website Information

Buyer: Wendover News

Website Package: Custom website

URL: http://wendovernews.co.uk

Sub-dropdown Menu

Wendover News has a multitude of news categories, and not all of them could fit into a standard dropdown menu, so we worked with them to create a dropdown inside of a dropdown, meaning users can seek the category they’re looking for without having to go too far.

Weather Forecast Integration

Wendover News serves the local community of Wendover, so we integrated a weather plugin that provides a weeks worth of weather forecast to the local community.

Website Design

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