A multi-page website with membership subscription and student database.

Website Information

Buyer: The Association of Master Upholsterers and Soft Furnishers
Website Package: Bespoke website

Case Study

The AMUSF’ client specification was a multi-page website, with two different versions for the Consumer site and Trade site, and a more modern look compared to their old website.

The Objective

The issue at hand was the old website. The Assocation of Master Upholsterers and Soft Furnishers (AMUSF) were unsatisfied with their old website and so were many of their users due to a fundamental issue, the user could not differentiate between the Consumer site and the Trade Site.

Can you tell the difference between these two? At first glance, it looks like 2 screenshots of the same page, but if you look closer and pay attention you’ll realise that one shot is of the consumer site and the other is of the trade site, but there is no ground-breaking design factor that differentiates the two. The button in the top right allows you to switch between the sites, but when it says consumer site, does that mean I’m on the Consumer site, or does it link to the consumer site? This became very confusing for both the AMUSF and the end-users.

Here is the new website at We made a complete revamp by introducing colour palettes for each site, for the trade site and pages the colour scheme would be blue and white, and for the consumer site and pages the scheme would be black and white, to make it easy for users to differentiate.

At the top of each site, there is a line of text and a button link that informs the user what site they’re on and how to navigate from one site to the next.

eCommerce and Membership

The new AMUSF website now has built-in eCommerce and sells Student Memberships that anyone can purchase.

On the new website, member access is restricted where the content is exclusive to members, this done with a plugin called Members and with this plugin, you can create & add roles as well as being able to determine which role visits which page e.g. on the Members Only page, only those who have signed up for a membership can access this.

And registration has been disabled on this website, you can only log in. The only way to open an account is to make one through a successful checkout, thus filtering out spam users.

Student Database

The new AMUSF website is built so instructors and students can come together. We built a student database from the ground up for use by instructors and site administrators. When a student pays for a membership, this opens an account up for them and stores their personal details into the student database.

When an instructor wishes to join the website, the account will be created by a site administrator and then the administrator will assign the instructor to a specific school, once this happens, they can only see the personal details, course data and membership details of students that attend their school.

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