Alan Brind Tree Services

Alan Brind Tree Services is a small, private limited company specialising in arboriculture. We worked with Alan Brind Tree Services to create a large, multi-page website that advertises their services in full details, showcases their projects and even provides individual information about everyone on the team.

Website Information

Buyer: Alan Brind Tree Services
Website Package: Bespoke website

Case Study

Project Portfolio

We have created a page where every project portfolio page is listed as a grid. There is also a filter at the top with plenty of taxonomies meaning users can select a specific category and view the latest projects. We’ve also made it simple for Alan Brind Tree Services to create their own project listings and they will all appear on this page with the date, time, title, description and category.

Team Page

We worked with Alan Brind Tree Services and create a team page, this page discloses the profiles of all members of the team and allows the user to get to know the team before they’ve even made a call to them.

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