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Project Summary

Antiques At .. Wendover is an antiques store based in Wendover. The client specification was to created a completely re-designed website with a neatly organised viewing page for all of the antiques which are being sold in the physical store. Users can view these antiques along with their prices and even view them in a pop-up which appear in the middle of the screen (or opens a new page if you’re on a mobile device).

Dell monitor screen and an iPhone X smartphone displaying the Antiques At.. Wendover website

The original Antiques At .. Wendover website was written in XHTML, and each and every antique was uploaded to the website via manual HTML code and separated manually using raw HTML and CSS. This was tiresome and a rather intricate task that required constantly scoping through the written HTML code.

<div class="item">
  <a href="images/roz-055.jpg" target="_blank"><img src="/web/20200217214953im_/http://www.antiquesatwendover.co.uk/images/roz-055.jpg" width="100" height="150" alt=""></a>
  ROZ‑055 £120

The process above is unnecessarily strenuous for the actual objective; that being placing an antique on the page with some accompanying text.

Custom Post Type

We utilised the power of WordPress to create a custom post type1 called Antiques, this allows the customer to easily locate their antiques, add new antiques or make alterations to their existing antiques.

Antiques Grid

To display the antiques on the website, we made use of a grid that automatically generates the antiques corresponding to their designated category e.g. if you view the Architectural page, all antiques listed in the Architectural category will appear:


At the request of the client, all images are to be stretched to show their full size and colour, so we decided to organise them properly. We created a query using WordPress that allowed us to order images by a specific order code, and this means that all portraits are placed together just as landscapes are: