Coach House Accessories

Coach House Accessories is an online eCommerce store that sells homeware accessories, gifts, rattan, wall decor and more!

Website Information

Buyer: Coach House Accessories
Website Package: eCommerce website

Case Study

Coach House Accessories are a small cottage industry business that sells homeware accessories and gifts, so we built an eCommerce store that caters for products of all kinds.


Coach House Accessories charge a standard flat rate for shipping up to £75, anything above that will be free shipping.

For collection, we enabled the “Local pickup” option, this means the order will be processed through but no shipping processes will commence and the shipping costs are deducted from the total cost.


Throughout the website, Coach House Accessories uses a soft amber along with a white background to create a comfortable design, like home.


For some of our clients, we use Google Analytics for deep analysis of website traffic to see where users are finding the website, the bounce rate (percentage of users who click off straight away), how users navigate the website.

Coach House Accessories use Google Analytics in order to innovate and make further progress.

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