Fareham Webdesign // Integritas Global Consultancy

Bespoke website

Project Summary

The main goal was to design and develop a website that allows the public to make online bookings for the training courses offered by IGC. To achieve this goal, the website has Eventbrite integration allowing customers to complete bookings easily and to make marketing easy for the company.

Dell monitor screen and an iPhone X smartphone displaying the Integritas Global Consultancy Ltd IGC website

The official Eventbrite logo; used for managing events on IGC Integritas Global Consultancy

IGC uses Eventbrite integration in order to process their course bookings, making it easier for customers to book courses, also, it will be easier for IGC to market their business effectively.

Contact Form

People don’t always like to phone or email as this requires using a mobile device or opening another application to send an email. To eliminate this problem, we implemented a contact form into the IGC website to allow not just customers, but also businesses, ranging from small businesses to multinational corporations.