Tyre Trade News

Tyre Trade News required a replacement fully responsive and UK GDPR compliant website to host and manage their online industry news website. The website was required to have rotating adverts between each of their news articles as well as integrated weekly and monthly newsletters being delivered from the recent website news articles. Automatic posting of new articles to social media, Linked In, Twitter, and Facebook have recently been added to give an even wider community reach without any additional interaction from Tyre Trade News themselves.

Website Information

Buyer: Technique Media Ltd
Website Package: Bespoke website
URL: https://tyretradenews.co.uk

Case Study

News Blog

Tyre Trade News is all about news, and many newspaper/magazines have moved online, so we transformed their news into a blog format so that users can easily explore through their variety of articles.

Jobseeking Platform

Tyre Trade News has a section of the website that employers can use to post their job advertisements. We created this page in a blog format, so job seekers can see the date, description and other user comments to see if anyone else has tried applying for the job.

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