Wendover Computers

Wendover Computers is an IT Support & Maintenance company based in Wendover, Buckinghamshire. We created a multi-page website to display their information, pitch their services and advertise their special offers to their customers. We also integrated a contact form as well as attaching contact details such as landline phone, email and social media, giving the user a plethora of methods to get in touch!

Website Information

Buyer: Wendover Computers
Website Package: Multi-page website
URL: https://wendover-computers.co.uk/

Case Study

Twitter Integration

Wendover Computers Ltd has a Twitter account that they often use to reach out to their online audience. To increase their following, we integrated a Twitter plugin that posts every Wendover Computers tweet on the footer of every page.

Contact Form (with social widgets)

Wendover Computers Ltd are also based on social platforms, so they already have an online presence. We incorporated their social widgets onto the same page as the Contact Form, giving the customer multiple ways of getting in touch!

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